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Wild and undisciplined hair? Camellia Oil will Help 0

Often, our hair are resistant to styling. Streaks keep on escape from – you may think – precise hair style, and after combing out they frizz, electrify, are dry and ends split. So, how can you tame wild and undisciplined hair? You may find helpful camellia oil. Camellia oil

Hair Care with Camellia Oil 0

It is believed that camellia oil is responsible for young look of Japanese women. Some think that this oil is the reason behind beautiful hair of Asians. Is it true? It turns out that it is. And it is all because of substances contained in the plant from which

5 Uses of Camellia Oil (Tea Seed Oil) 0

Camellia oil is called the Far East olive oil, because of few reasons – very similar composition, almost identical method of extraction and many beneficial properties. Camellia oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and other nourishing ingredients, Tea seed oil (this is another name of this oil)